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In the property business, all team in the organization are always involved in 2 important things to realize the goals of the company, how to increase income and how to efficiency cost.

And with the times and the growth of the existing generation, we are required to be able to provide more benefits in the company growth every year. Technology is also a trigger for major changes in handling existing business, impacting the organizational structure, bureaucratic system in a company, handling between divisions, forms of cooperation with other parties, and simplification in taking action.

Year after year we learn both in the development of business property and all information and discussions that we always do from internal and external, And so great challenges in the future towards the world of retail and property. So we always try to find solutions and innovations to deal with all the conditions encountered.

Departing from that, since 2019 Inti Usaha Nusantara believe to be able to realize all challenges and obstacles in every division in the property business in your company, and make our company the best partner in every field and journey of your company. 

And very proudly we are grateful as much as possible for the trust that has been and is always given to us, and we remain always focused on providing extra services to your company with the focus of :
Maximum Income-Time Productivity-Efficien Cost-Innovative-Excellent Service

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